Tom Meglioranza MM '95
Tom Meglioranza MM ’95
“Eastman was the perfect place for me. It was very challenging, yet always warm and supportive. When I arrived in Rochester, I could barely read music. My teacher not only helped build the technical foundation of my singing, but taught and showed me what it meant to be a complete musician. Eastman instilled in me a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for the craft of music. I was also encouraged and nurtured in my love of art song, chamber music, modern music and Bach — music that would become the meat and potatoes of my career.”
Nicole Cabell BM '01
Nicole Cabell BM ’01
“Eastman played a major role in my formation as an artist. I felt free to pursue projects outside of my requirements, and even my chosen genre of music. Because I wasn’t thrust into performance situations beyond my abilities, I could develop slowly, with clarity and authenticity.”
Anthony Dean Griffey MM '01Anthony Dean Griffey MM ’01 “Eastman holds a special place in my heart. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe my feelings for Eastman. I received excellent vocal instruction, career guidance, and encouragement from the entire voice faculty. It’s a unique place because they care about every student and want them to succeed, regardless of studio. I appreciated the faculty supporting my artistic freedom in order to develop self-confidence. One of the most beautiful things is that they have continued to care and share in my career and it’s successes.”
Erin Morley BM '02
Erin Morley BM ’02
“I really found myself at Eastman, as a singer, as a musician, as a person. I had so many rich and varied experiences. I was surrounded by students whose talents amazed me and whose ways of thinking expanded my vision. I had excellent instructors who nurtured my love of language, analysis, interpretation, exploring new repertoire, and who also encouraged me to trust my instincts. Perhaps most importantly, I left Eastman with the tools to be a smart and disciplined singer, and to that I owe very much to my voice teacher. She gave me a technique that would serve as a foundation for years to come, and she taught me to use that technique as a means for sending my message out into the world.”
Kathryn Lewek BM '06 MM '08
Kathryn Lewek BM ’06 MM ’08
“Eastman is the model to which all music schools should aspire. Eastman has a diverse range of fabulous performance opportunities to allow for creative exploration. Along with a strong foundation of artistic and practical tools, it was this freedom of exploration that molded me into the artist I am today. Receiving my Bachelor and Masters degree at Eastman provided me with memories I will hold dear for life, thanks to the brilliant and supportive faculty, many of whom I will forever consider a part of my extended family.”
Julia Bullock BM '09Julia Bullock BM ’09 “I’ve found in my few years after Eastman that there isn’t much room for self doubt, confirmed by my teacher’s words ” None of us performs without flaws and the music suffers if we focus on our flaws; breathing well comes from enjoyment and confidence, not just trying to get it right.” Young singers rely on their teachers for guidance in life as well as music. I believe Eastman maintains a faculty cognizant of the influence they have and who attempt at all costs to develop responsible musicians while encouraging them each day to be excited about making music.”
Matthew Grills MM '12
Matthew Grills MM ’12
“Eastman will always hold a special place in my heart. The voice faculty was always so supportive of each and every student. It was a place I felt I could be creative and make mistakes. The academic standard is extremely high and challenged me to always be on my game. The camaraderie among students was one of the fondest memories I have from my two years in the masters program. I learned so much not only from my friends in the voice department, but from those in all departments. And I’ll never forget the opportunity of performing on a stage such as Kodak Hall accompanied by some of the finest young musicians in all the world. It was an unforgettable two years, and I continue to look back fondly at my experience.”