Protocol for Potential Auditioners

In the months prior to applying for ESM admission, students who are interested in pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees at Eastman often contact teachers for informational lessons. The faculty has defined a protocol for lessons and meetings.

Students and their parents may meet with any faculty member for a half hour session at no charge.

High school juniors may schedule lessons at any time. The faculty member may meet with them and charge their own personal lesson fee.

High school seniors and incoming graduate candidates may schedule one private lesson with faculty. The lesson fee for summer lessons will be the teacher’s personal fee OR $50 once the academic year begins.

— After December 1st, no lessons will be given to students who are involved in either in-house or remote site auditions. This decision was made so that the student’s preparation with their teacher will not be compromised before auditioning.

— After the auditions have been completed, students that have been admitted are welcome to take lessons with any voice faculty member. The lesson fee for potential students is $50.00.

After acceptances are sent out, potential students are contacted by faculty members via email on behalf of the entire department, offering to answer questions they may have about our program. Faculty may not initiate unsolicited contact with students being heard in pre-screenings. While many students and their teachers may request feedback, neither the Admissions department nor voice faculty are legally allowed to comment on auditions.

To better understand the richness of life at Eastman, candidates are encouraged to take school tours (scheduled in the Admissions Office), attend recitals or opera performances and to visit classes or rehearsals. Auditing lessons can be as valuable as taking a private lesson so students can be encouraged to do both.  Attendance at opera rehearsals is only permissible with opera faculty approval. A list of class times are available from our representative in Admissions. (Christina Crispin).