Request a Room

Request a Room

Non-Instructional Classroom or Meeting Room Request

You are now able to book a room from the convenience of your personal computer or smartphone with access to the Virtual Event Management System (V-EMS).

Book a Rehearsal or Recording space using V-EMS

**When using the V-EMS system to log in please use your student e-mail for the USERNAME and your student ID number for your PASSWORD (NOT YOUR NET ID)**

  • After logging in, hover over “Reservations.” To book a rehearsal space, choose ESM Student Rehearsal Reservation. To book a recording session, choose ESM Student Recording Session.
  • For complete instructions on how to use Virtual EMS (V-EMS), please review the V-EMS Instructions
  • When making a reservation in the “Event Name field” YOU MUST ENTER YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME, improperly doing so may result in SECURITY not allowing you to use the space. 

Guidelines for Rehearsal Reservations:

  • If you are Faculty, Staff or a TA booking instructional or meeting space, please use the standard Room Request Form
  • **TA’s booking space for lessons for the entire semester, please contact your department secretary to obtain a key to your booked space.  The Registrar’s Office does not provide keys for the spaces.
  • The following rooms may be reserved by faculty, staff, and registered students for rehearsals, recitals, meetings, etc., on a first come first served basis:
    • Annex 704, 707, 708, 709, 710, 902
    • Old Sibley Library 101, 204
    • Main Building 209, 305, 320, 404, 514
    • Messinger 1
    • Eastman Theatre Classrooms 404, 410, 411, 412, 603 (no daytime rehearsals)
    • Ouzer Room (M-9), Miller Center 220 & 320 (meetings only)
    • New Sibley Library 308, 404 (no rehearsals)
  • Students may schedule a rehearsal room for up to two hours per day (in one hour increments using V-EMS), no more than one week in advance. This includes requests for recitals. This restriction does not apply to teaching assistants requesting space for instructional use, or to faculty and staff.
  • The Registrar’s Office does not provide set up of chairs or stands for rehearsals. Student ensembles should plan to provide their own folding stands.
  • Room availability is extremely limited during certain times of the day and certain weeks of the year. Please be aware that there may not be any space available at your preferred time.
  • Requests for the Eastman Theatre, Kilbourn Hall, Hatch Recital Hall, Ray Wright Room, Howard Hanson Hall, Ranlet Lounge, and Ciminelli Lounge should be made via the Concert Office.
  • Note that if your event requires technical support, such as laptop & projector or recording equipment, you must arrange this separately with ESM Technology and Media Production.