Program Highlights

Eastman Immersion is a full-time, two-semester (September – May) program that includes lessons, classes, ensembles, and performance opportunities.


Curriculum Overview

  • Private Lessons – Two 45-minute lessons per week
  • Music Theory – Two hours of instruction each week in the fall semester; three hours each week in the spring
  • Aural Skills – Three hours of instruction each week in the fall semester; two hours each week in the spring
  • Music Literature – Three hours each week plus weekly required concert attendance
  • Ensembles – Placement will be made upon audition during the first week of the program
  • Careers in Music – Monthly seminars; topics will vary
  • Community Outreach – Projects offered monthly
  • Humanities – Additional classes available at extra cost, pending consultation with director

Although this is a full-time program, it is created with flexibility and individual attention, and leaves ample practice time.


Private Lessons

An essential component of the program consists of one-on-one lessons with instrumental and voice faculty members. The intensity of private lessons is reflected in the schedule. They will be offered twice weekly, an unusual concept for any American school. In addition, Eastman Immersion students will have an opportunity to work with a graduate student as a mentor to further refine and enhance their practicing skills. Finally, Eastman Immersion students will attend studio classes of different faculty members (pending individual faculty approval).


Music Theory and Aural Skills

During the orientation period, Eastman Immersion students will take a placement exam. Based on your experience and exam results, you will be placed in a Music Theory and Aural Skills class that will meet your needs. You will have one Theory and one Aural Skills class per semester in addition to your lessons. These classes are designed to enhance your musicianship and are directly related to your performance. They will help you with deeper understanding of musical phrasing, compositional structure, and form.


Music Literature

Depending on previous experience, all Eastman Immersion students will take a “Music and Society” class. The goal of this class is to increase your ability to place the music you are passionate about in the context in which it was created.



You will know details about placement in ensemble upon arrival. There are many different offerings, including ensembles out of the realm of “traditional” classical music.

University of Rochester, River Campus ensembles:


Community Outreach

This segment of the curriculum reflects Eastman’s firm belief that a musician should be more than a skilled craftsman, and that we need to seek out and educate audiences regardless of their age and experience. Creating opportunities for underprivileged audiences to hear exceptional works of musical art requires determination and dedication. A special set of practiced skills is necessary to deliver the essence of musical concepts in an effective way.

Through engagement with programs like RocMusic Collaboration and the Eastman Pathways Program, and Eastman Immersion students will learn how to apply their performance and communication skills to make music relevant in our society.


Careers in Music Seminars

Each month will feature a different aspect of a life in music. The seminar will start with a guest lecture and will continue through a “job shadow” experience.


2014 Seminar Speakers:

  • Michael Anderson, Assistant Professor of Musicology,
  • Matt Ardizzone, Associate Dean of Admissions
  • Christopher Azzara, Professor of Music Education
  • Ruth Cahn, Director, Music Horizons, Percussionist
  • Keith Elder, Director of Concert Activities
  • Steven Laitz, Professor of Music Theory
  • Philip Ying, Associate Professor of String Chamber Music; Associate Professor of Viola; Chair, Chamber Music Department

Humanities Classes

You are eligible for additional classes offered by Eastman’s Humanities department. Classes cover a wide range from history, art history, psychology, languages, and more. For a full listing of classes, please visit the Humanities Website.  In addition, a number of classes offered by the Institute for Music Leadership are available to Eastman Immersion students.  To see the classes offered by the IML please visit the IML Website.