Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to attend the Eastman Immersion?

A: In many regards Eastman Immersion students will experience our musical community much in the same way as freshmen students.

Tuition – Flat Rate
ESM Immersion $37, 200
Room and Board $14,828*
Health Fee $564
Activity Fee $288
Orientation $280
Comprehensive Fee $374
Cost of Attendance $53,524

*All out of town Eastman Immersion students are required to stay in the Student Living Center.


Q: If I decide to apply for an undergraduate degree at the Eastman School of Music upon completion of Eastman Immersion, will I have an advantage or special status for admission?

A: Although we hope that during your year at Eastman your skills will greatly improve, admission to the Eastman Immersion Program does not guarantee admission to a degree-granting program at the Eastman School of Music.


Q: Will I be able to take any additional academic classes?

A: The Eastman School of Music is a part of University of Rochester, and for an additional fee you will be able to take classes at the University of Rochester.


Q: Will I be able to transfer my credits toward a matriculated degree at the University of Rochester or at another institution?

A: Successful completion of a collegiate-level course taken at Eastman or on the River Campus of the University of Rochester will be transferable toward a matriculated degree at UR.  Students who might wish to transfer collegiate-level coursework taken at UR to another institution should consult that school’s policies on transfer credit.


Q: Will I have the same benefits and privileges as matriculated students?

A: You will have an official identification card that will allow you to access and use all facilities and take advantage of discounts and free concerts just like any other matriculated Eastman student.


Q: Will I be able to work while studying at Eastman?

A: Although it will be difficult to find much time between your practicing, course work, performance opportunities, and concert attendance, we do not discourage students from seeking working opportunities.


Q: I am an international student.  Would I be able to receive a visa if I am accepted at Eastman Immersion Program?

A: Eastman Immersion is a full-time program, and once your file is completed you will receive documentation that will allow you to apply for a visa.


Q: Is there a minimum age for Eastman Immersion students?

A: The minimum age is 17.


Q: Do I have to graduate from high school in order to be a part of Eastman Immersion?

A: In order to attend Eastman Immersion you have to receive a high school diploma.

International students must demonstrate that their high school/secondary education is equivalent to a US high school, and must submit copies of official school transcripts with certified English translations (if applicable). In addition, we strongly recommend that you have your transcripts evaluated by an organization specializing in foreign credential evaluation, such as World Education Services ( or Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. ( In many cases we will require this evaluation before you can be admitted, so it is in your best interest to seek out an evaluation at the time that you apply.

Students in the British educational system should submit a transcript showing coursework for grades 9-12 and an official copy of the certificate for having passed secondary school exams.

Home-schooled applicants should upload a detailed description of the curriculum studied, including texts, coursework, methods of examination, and experiential learning, in addition to any transcripts of secondary or college-level coursework.


Q. I will not have my college plans finalized until mid-April. Would I be able to apply and audition after the posted deadline?

A. Our application process with no application fee is designed with this in mind. Please complete your application to let us know you are interested, and if you need extra time please contact Dr. Kodzas directly at


Q. I would like to combine Eastman Immersion with another Gap Year program. Could I attend only one semester?

A. Unfortunately you cannot attend only one semester. Program structure and expected learning outcomes are created with a full academic year in mind.


Q. I play more than one instrument. Would I be able to take lessons on different instruments or in voice?

A. You will need to have a primary instrument or voice declared for your audition. If you are accepted, you can use one of your two weekly lessons for a different instrument, or keep two lessons on your primary instrument and study another instrument for an additional fee.


Q. Does Eastman Immersion offer composition lessons?

A. Yes, you may take composition lessons as your primary focus of study. However, you also need to demonstrate adequate performing skill on an instrument or in voice.