Graduate Study, Fellowships, scholarships and Other Professional Development

As part of researching programs of interest, students can refer to the online resources listed below.

Placement Exams
Fellowships & Scholarships
Graduate School Information
Study Abroad
Humanitarian Programs for Musicians
Other General Information

Placement exams




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Fellowships & Scholarships

UR Fellowships Office - Matriculated students and alumni with excellent academic records should consider applying for a competitive fellowship or scholarship. Awards are disbursed through national and international competitions and fund undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate study in the U.S. as well as abroad. Also included on this UR Fellowships Office site are links to the following:

Fellowship resources for:
Freshmen/ Sophomores
Juniors (current and rising)
Seniors and alumni
Graduate students (searchable database for some fellowships)
Other funding opportunities links

Other searchable databases:
Cornell University Graduate School Fellowships Database
National College Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships & Postdoctoral Awards

Bridge - A database listing auditions, teaching positions, competitions, internships, and more. It's free for current students (password required) and available by paid subscription for alumni.

Eastman School of Music Financial Aid Office - links to outside scholarship sites (scroll to the bottom of this Forms and Links page).

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Graduate School Information

AAAE - Association of Arts Administration Educators; a list of arts administration programs. Membership is also offered.

College Music Society -- database of music faculty and institutions that serve higher education in the United States and Canada. The database includes over 30,000 music faculty at over 1,800 music schools, departments, and conservatories. -- a comprehensive online resource for graduate schools and graduate program information. Choose from more than 60,000 masters and PhD degree program listings by field of study, subject, graduate school or metropolitan location.

College Navigator - a statistical resource for comparison of costs, enrollment, etc., provided by the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics.

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Study Abroad

College Music Society -- a database of international music organizations that serve the field of music. The database includes over 360 organizations. -- International Graduate Schools

Study Music in Europe

European Association of Conservatoires (AEC)

Euro (Study in Europe)

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Humanitarian programs for musicians

•In the US:

  The Academy (NYC)

  Community MusicWorks Fellowship (Providence, NY)

  MusicianCorp (SF/Oakland Bay Area, Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle)

  Teach for America


  Musicians Without Borders

•Not specific to music:

  Volunteers for Peace

  Peace Corp

  World Teach

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Other general information

National Association for Schools of Music (NASM)

Association of Arts Administration Educators

University of Rochester Career Center Graduate School Links and Resources

Lincoln Center Institute

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