Arts Leadership Program Certificate Requirements

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Students accepted into the ALP certificate program must complete the following requirements to receive the ALP certificate (updated 08.09.16):

  • Minimum of 3 courses (one of which must be a core course)
  • 2 credits in an internship
  • Final ALP credits totaling 6 or more
  • Receive a "B", "S" or higher in each ALP course and internship
  • Sign and comply with the requirements of the PDF Document ALP Pledge
  • All requirements must be completed by the time you graduate
1. Core Course Select a minimum of 1 of the following core courses:


Course Title
Entrepreneurial Thinking

Leadership Issues in Music
How to Win an Orchestral Audition

Career Skills for the 21st Century

2. Required ALP internship* 2 credit requirement


3. Electives Any other ALC courses to meet or exceed
the 3 course/6 credit certificate requirement



ALP Certificate candidates are encouraged to take as many ALP courses as their schedule and time will permit.

*ALP Internship Requirements
Summer internships require a commitment of 120 hours for 1 credit.
Academic year internships require a commitment of 85 hours per semester for 1 credit.
Students may choose any combination of summer/academic year to fulfill their 2 credit requirement.
No more than 2 internship credits can be used towards the 6 credit certificate requirement.

Additional information
Students enrolled in both the ALP and College and/or Community Teaching (CCT) certificate programs cannot count credits for the CCT required course, "MUE 504: Preparing Future Music Faculty," towards their ALP certificate. The ALP internship and the CCT internship must also be separate experiences.

Special Information for Undergraduate Winds, Brass & Percussion students