About Us

Leading the music profession into a new era

The IML Mission is to be the hub for creating, sharing, supporting and implementing innovative ideas and programs to ensure the relevance of music in today’s world.  We strive to engage all Eastman students, faculty, staff and alumni to think broadly about new ways of making music vital, and to be leaders in the greater musical community of tomorrow.

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What is the purpose of the IML?

What are the 5 distinct areas of the IML and what do they encompass?

Can you tell me a bit more about the Institute for Music Leadership?

Why did Eastman create the IML?

How has the IML evolved since 2001?

Tell us about the leadership of the IML

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Meet The Staff

James Doser
Director, Institute for Music Leadership

Leslie Scatterday
Operations Manager, IML
Assistant Director, ALP

Harish Nayak
Project Manager, Center for Music Innovation and Engagement

Linda Altpeter
Administrative Assistant to IML Director
Coordinator, ALP Curriculum

Alissa Brody
Careers Advisor, Office of Careers and Professional Development

Kristijan Bogdanovski
Assistant Program Coordinator, IML
Assistant Project Manager, Polyphonic.org