International Students

International students are considered for merit-based financial aid using the same criteria (for undergraduate students or for graduate students). Those students, who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent residents, are not eligible for federal financial aid. Students, who have a U.S. citizen or eligible permanent resident as a co-applicant, may apply for a private loan to help bridge the gap between the student’s cost of attendance and the student’s family resources and financial aid package.

Definitions of Common Loan Terms

  • Principal-The loan amount that must be repaid once the loan enters Repayment Status and the amount upon which interest will be charged.
  • Interest-The charge made to a borrower for use of a lender’s money.  See your promissory note for interest rate terms and conditions.
  • In-School Deferment:  The period of time when the student borrower is enrolled at least half-time at the Eastman School of Music and is not required to pay loan principal.
  • In-Repayment:  The period of time after the borrower has either finished their degree (graduated), dropped below half-time status, withdrawn from school, or taken a Leave of Absence during which the borrower is responsible to pay BOTH principal and interest payments on their loans.
  • Forbearance: The temporary postponement of payments, such as allowing for an extension of time for making payments or accepting smaller payments than previously scheduled.
  • Origination or Supplemental Fee: It will be included in the balance used to calculate interest charges.
  • Servicing Company: The company that handles a student’s payments and loan account(s) after the loan(s) disburse to the student’s school account.

Appeal for Additional Assistance

If the family’s financial circumstances of an undergraduate student have changed drastically due to unemployment, medical expenses, loss of personal funding (Social Security or Child Support), etc., then the student/family may contact the Eastman Financial Aid Office to ask about an Appeal for Special Circumstances.

If a graduate student’s financial circumstances have changed drastically due to a spouse’s unemployment, medical expenses, loss of personal funding (Social Security or Child Support), etc., then the student should contact Eastman’s Office of Graduate Studies via email at The name of the student should be included in the Subject Line of the email.