Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees

The official 2016-2017 Schedule of Charges will be posted on the University Bursar’s website in June. These are the charges that appear on a student’s bill.

All students are required to have health insurance.  If you are not covered under your parent(s) or your own health insurance, then add $2,460 for the University Health Insurance. 

Contact University Health Services regarding waiving the insurance or for any other health insurance questions. 

Contact University Dining Services regarding student dining plans. 

New undergraduate students have a one-time orientation fee of $280.

For information about applying for financial aid for undergraduate students, please visit the Prospective Students page of our website.


ESTIMATED Undergraduate
Direct Costs
Estimated Tuition $49,600
Room 9,010
Board 5,808
Activity Fee 288
Comprehensive Fee 374
Mandatory Health Fee 564
Total ESTIMATED Direct Costs: $65,644

Direct costs are expenses that are typically charged to a student’s bill by the Eastman School of Music.  These figures are estimated until final rates are published in late spring.

ESTIMATED Undergraduate
Indirect Costs
Personal $1080
Books 700
Transportation 600
Total ESTIMATED Indirect Costs: $2,380

Indirect costs are expenses that are typically incurred and not paid directly to the Eastman School of Music. 

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