Affiliate Faculty Appointments

The Eastman School of Music is organized in the academic and applied fields by departments, reflecting more or less the various areas of instruction at the School.  Departments by their very nature establish boundaries that are often administrative in nature, important to ensure proper governance within given areas, but these boundaries can also become divisions that limit comprehensive perspectives on the profession.  A number of faculty members at our School, however, reach out across those departmental boundaries through their performance, research, teaching, and administrative activities.  In fact, such activities may very well be viewed as our proudest achievements, because they overcome the narrow confines of individual fields and ultimately provide communicative links and coherence in our school.

Records show that the first Affiliate Faculty appointments were made in 1995, based on a proposal from Professor Jürgen Thym, now Emeritus Professor of Musicology.

Background on Affiliate Faculty Appointments

The Eastman School of Music will honor faculty members who have created synergisms across departments and disciplines with affiliate appointments in a department other than their home department.  We encourage departments to identify faculty members who have significantly contributed through their activities to the wellbeing of another department.

Activities that qualify as synergisms include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Teaching or team-teaching in another department
  2. Notable performances in an area other than one’s home department
  3. Notable publications in an area crossing one’s home department
  4. Advisory and tutorial duties that significantly provide guidance to another department.

There are no obligations for the honored individual connected with an affiliate appointment.  It is hoped, however, that the affiliate may continue on the trajectory established by activities for which s/he is honored.

Affiliated departments are encouraged to invite affiliated faculty to participate in departmental functions, instruction, team-teaching, masterclasses, ensembles, etc.  The affiliate may be invited, at the discretion of the chair of the affiliated department, to departmental meetings and be consulted formally and informally on appropriate issues.

Nominations of Affiliate Faculty must take the form of (1) a letter of recommendation from the Chair of the affiliate (inviting) department, outlining the reasons to support for this nomination; and (2) a copy of or link to the nominee’s curriculum vitae.  The nomination may be in email format.  The Dean will make a decision about Affiliate appointments no later than May 1 of the current academic year, and the Academic Affairs Office will send a notice to the faculty member as well as to the Chairs of both the home and affiliate departments.

The initial appointment as Affiliate Faculty will have a term of four (4) years; faculty may be re-appointed but require a new letter of recommendation for a new term to update the relationship between the department and the affiliate faculty member.  Department Chairs should expect to include a report of Affiliate Faculty involvement in the annual review of the Department.  There is currently no limitation on the number of Affiliate Faculty. 

The Affiliate Faculty appointment is purely honorary; it comes with no substantial obligations or tangible rewards.  Affiliate Faculty will be announced to the Eastman community in the spring semester when decisions are made.  Affiliates may be indicated as such on department websites, and in department ads, newsletters, etc.

Affiliate Faculty Reappointed Spring 2016:

Beryl Garver, ACM: Affiliate VCE & OP (2016-2020)

Paul O’Dette, Strings, CND/ENS: Affiliate MUY (1996-2020)


Continuing Affiliate Faculty Appointments:

Christopher Azzara, MUE: Affiliate JCM (2007-19)

Tony Caramia, Piano: Affiliate JCM (2002-19)

Robert Morris, CMP: Affiliate TH (1999-2019)

Prof. Emeritus Robert Wason, TH: Affiliate JCM (1998-2019)

Daniel Zager, MUY/Sibley Music Library: Affiliate Organ & HK (2003-19)

Mark Kellogg, WBP Trombone/Euphonium: Affiliate JCM (2004-16)

Bradley Lubman, CND/ENS: Affiliate CMP (2012-16)

Prof. Emerita Kerala Snyder, MUY: Affiliate Organ & HK (1997; 2012-16)

Prof. Emeritus Jürgen Thym, MUY: Affiliate Organ/HK (2012-16)

William Marvin, TH: Affiliate MUY (2013-17)

Edoardo Bellotti, Organ/HK: Affiliate MUY (2014-18)

Christina Curren, HUM (German)/Vocal Coach: Affiliate V&O (2014-18)

Prof. Emeritus Ramon Ricker, WBP Saxophone: Affiliate JCM (2010-18)

Philip Silvey, MUE: Affiliate CND/ENS(2014-18)

Dariusz Terefenko, JCM: Affiliate TH (2010-18)

Previous Affiliate Faculty Appointments:

Mark Bocko, Engineering AS&E: Affiliate TH (2007-15)

Celia Applegate, History AS&E: Affiliate MUY (2011-12)

Robert Morris, CMP: Affiliate MUY (2000-12)

Hans Davidsson, Organ & HK: Affiliate MUY (2002-11)

Steven Laitz, TH: Affiliate CHB (2003-11)

Susan Conkling, MUE: Affiliate CND/ENS (2007-10)

Malcolm Bilson, Organ & HK: Affiliate MUY (1996-08)

Gabriela Ilnitchi, MUY: Affiliate TH (2003-07)

Martin Scherzinger, MUY: Affiliate TH (2003-07)

Daniel Albright, English AS&E: Affiliate MUY(1998-03)

Elizabeth Marvin, TH: Affiliate V&O (2000-04)

Ellen Koskoff, MUY: Affiliate HUM (1998-02)

Arthur Haas, HPC: Affiliate MUY (1996)

Douglas Dempster, HUM (Philosophy): Affiliate TH & MUY (1995)

Revised, August 2016


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