Seth Monihan

Seth Monahan

Associate Professor of Music Theory

Fall 2016 Acting Chair, Music Theory Department

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Seth Monahan received his bachelor’s degree in composition from Philadelphia’s University of the Arts in 1998 and a Master of Music degree in Music Theory at Temple University in 2002. In 2008, he completed his Ph.D. in Music Theory at Yale University, with a dissertation that examined the intersection of form and meaning in Gustav Mahler’s music.

Seth’s other research interests include: musical kinetics and gesture in the music of Wagner; intersections of music and narrative theory; critical theory; and the uses of metaphor and figurative language in music-analytic discourse. He regularly presents research on these and other topics at conferences at home and abroad, and has articles and reviews in print or forthcoming in Music Analysis, Music Theory Spectrum, the Journal of Music Theory, the Journal of the American Musicological Society, 19th-Century Music, Music Theory Online, Intégral, and the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy. His book, Mahler’s Symphonic Sonatas, appeared in 2015 on Oxford University Press.

From 2005–7, Seth taught harmony, counterpoint, and popular music history at Yale College. During this time he also worked as a consultant and coordinator for Yale’s Graduate Teaching Center. Seth has earned numerous distinctions for his classroom instruction, including the Prize Teaching Fellowship, Yale’s highest honor for instructors of his rank. He joined the faculty of the Eastman School of Music in the Fall of 2008.

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