Computing Services

The Eastman Computing Services department has established this website as a central repository of information about our operating procedures and policies. We have also made available a number of how-to and FAQ documents to assist the Eastman community with some of the most common computing issues.



Webmail (excluding departments listed below)

Webmail (for Admissions, Advancement, Financial Aid, Finance & HR, Registrar, Academic Affairs, Graduate Studies, Advancement & Development, Residential Life)


Eastman student email can be checked through the web at



Tip of the Week – Site-Specific Searches Using Google

If you need to search a specific website, the fastest way find what you’re looking for is this quick shortcut using Google. Change this text to any website you need to search: and type it after your query on the Google page, or in the search bar of your favorite browser. Watch the demo to see this tip in action!


Tip of the Week – Using the Dictionary & Thesaurus

Defining a word, or finding the right alternative as you type, involves just one click! On a Windows PC in Word, Outlook, or PowerPoint, right click any word and choose “Look Up” or “Synonyms” from the menu. On a Mac, right click (or hold the Control key while clicking) any word and choose “Look Up” from the menu. Watch the demo to see this tip in action!

Tip of the Week – Selecting Multiple Items

If you’ve ever wanted to delete emails in bulk, or move a group of files to the department drive with ease, these techniques will come in handy! To select or highlight several scattered items in any folder or list, hold the Ctrl key while clicking (Windows PC) or Command key while clicking (Mac).

If the icons you’re selecting are contiguous in a list, click the first item, then use the Shift key while clicking the last item to highlight everything in between. Watch the demo to see this tip in action!