Computer Music

At Work in the Eastman Computer Music CenterThe Eastman Computer Music Center (ECMC), established in 1981 as an outgrowth of the electronic music program at the School, provides computing and digital audio facilities for the realization of compositional, performance, theoretical and other types of musical projects by Eastman, University of Rochester and visiting faculty, students, musicians and researchers. Currently, the Center supports creative and instructional work by about thirty users annually. Roughly one third of these users are composers, and another third are either performers or music theorists. The remaining ten or so users are divided fairly evenly among jazz studies, music education, science and liberal arts majors.

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The annual ImageMovementSound Festival, co-produced by the ECMC, the Film/Video/Animation Department of the Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Graduate Department of Dance at SUNY Brockport, sponsors the creation of innovative multimedia works by collaborative groups of two or more artists from our three institutions, multiple performances of these works within the Rochester area and on a variety of international venues, and an Image, Movement, Music course.