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For complete lesson descriptions and fees, see Lessons.

Community Music School Instructor Rates per Semester (17 weeks)

Lesson Length
Private Lessons
Equivalent Cost
per Lesson
1/2 hour weekly
3/4 hour weekly
1 hour weekly

Community Music School Intern Rates per Semester (17 weeks)

Lesson Length
Private Lessons
Equivalent Cost
per Lesson
1/2 hour weekly
3/4 hour weekly
1 hour weekly

2016 Summer Lesson Rates

  Rate per hour
Instructor $58
Intern $40

Classes & Ensembles

In order to fairly price our wide range of Eastman Community Music School courses (and to implement our discount program, outlined below), virtually all classes and ensembles have been assigned a number of “units.” ECMS units are similar to credits but don’t carry college credit. The cost for each unit is $70 per semester. For example, most theory courses carry four units and cost $280 per semester.


Discount Program

The ECMS discount program has been developed to encourage those students taking private lessons to enhance their musical education by enrolling in classes and ensembles. Each unit you register for will be discounted at an increasing rate (see chart), until you reach 6 units. From that point on, each additional unit is free!

The discount program applies only to students taking private lessons. The program is applied on an individual basis; lessons or units taken by one student cannot be used to make another student (such as a family member) eligible for discounts. The discount applies only to classes and ensembles, not to a second lesson, because the student teacher ratio is 1:1 for private lessons.  Click here for examples.

A closer look at the discount program:

ECMS Discount Program Table




Bills are sent before the beginning of each semester, and are due on the 10th of the following month. Subsequent outstanding balances will be assessed a monthly fee of 1% of the amount past due. Payment can be made by check, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. A nonrefundable semester registration fee of $10 must be paid by all students except those in Early Childhood Music classes.

ECMS Payment Agreement

I understand that the University must receive the full amount (as described in the ECMS catalog and website) due less any financial aid (including RCSD Pathway Scholarships) on or before the due date as noted on the bill, and that if the full payment is not received by the due date, the University will assess a monthly late payment fee of 1% of the amount pst due. I understand that I am responsible for any late payment fee resulting from delays in the delivery of my bill. Payment must be n U.S. dollars.

I further certify that should my account not be kept current, I understand the University may curtail my ability to register for future semesters. I acknowledge the University’s right to assess collection and legal fees should my account remain unpaid at the time I leave the University. I understand that I am obligated to pay those fees. I further agree to accept the ECMS refund policies as found on the ECMS website.



Graduation 2014 (10) cropped

The Eastman Community Music School is fortunate to be able to offer scholarships taking into account both merit and need. The school has named scholarships, which are targeted to specific instruments or voice as well as a general scholarship fund open to all students.

Teacher-nominated Merit Scholarships

Current students who excel in their study at ECMS may receive a Merit Scholarship at ECMS graduation for study the following school year. Recipients are chosen from those recommended by their ECMS teachers. No application is needed.

Need-based and Merit Scholarships

Financial assistance for regular academic year study is available to ECMS students for lessons, classes and ensembles. Preference is given to those students enrolled in a diploma program.  Assistance is awarded on the combined basis of merit and financial need:

  • Financial need: determined by review of page 1 of federal income tax return supplied with the application form.
  • Merit: demonstrated musical achievement or potential.

Applications are accepted on a continuing basis throughout the year, but awards are determined only two times each year based on the following deadlines:

  • August 1—consideration for merit and need based aid for the coming school year
  • December 1—consideration for merit and need based aid for the spring semester
  • Requests will be considered after December 1, if funds remain.

A full application consists of

Eastman-Pathways Scholarship

We are fortunate to have a scholarship program targeted to students in the Rochester City School District called the Eastman-Pathways Scholarship.  The Eastman-Pathways scholarship is a collaborative program with the Rochester City School District which enables approximately 70 students to attend Eastman for applied and classroom studies.

Boehmler Scholarship

We are also fortunate to have a scholarship targeted to students in Wayne County called the Boehmler Scholarship. Students from Sodus, Lyons and Pal-Mac School Districts are selected by their public school teachers.  Scholarship awards may be used for any lessons, classes or ensembles at ECMS.

Scholarship funds




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