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Registration Process

Registration may be completed in person at the Eastman Community Music School office, by fax, or by mail. Registration forms are available for download below, by mail, e-mail, or at the office. 

Download Registration Form

(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

For Early Childhood Classes, please use the following form.

EC registration form only


Online Registration

Most continuing students (except Early Childhood) may register online from May until September.

  • Fall term to be billed beginning in August.
  • Permission code may be needed.

          Details to begin online registration


Course registration

ECMS Hatch HallRegistration for courses is on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to registrations received at least one month before the beginning of a term. The Community Music School reserves the right to cancel sections of classes with insufficient enrollment. In the event that a class is cancelled, students will be given the opportunity to transfer into another section of the same class, into a different class, or to receive a full refund. Late registrations, when permitted by the instructor, will be billed for the full semester. All music theory classes for grades 7-adult are designed on a full-year curriculum. No new registrations are accepted after October 1.

By directive of the University of Rochester, all students in the Eastman Community Music School must be registered for any class, ensemble or lesson BEFORE they attend those courses. ECMS faculty are required to take attendance to ensure all of their students are registered – even on the first class/lesson meeting. Thank you for your cooperation!


Lesson Registration

ECMS Hatch HallPriority is always given to students registering at least one month before the beginning of a semester. When studio space permits, students may begin lessons as late as halfway through a semester, and billing will be prorated.

Each new student requesting lessons will be assigned to an intern or instructor. Requests for a particular teacher will be honored when possible. Once the assignment has been made, the teacher will contact the student directly. The student and teacher will set up a mutually agreed upon lesson time and day at which time the lesson can start. When Community Music School studio enrollments are at capacity, student names may be placed on a waiting list.

If a change of instructor is recommended by the instructor, or desired by a student or parent, the issue should be discussed by instructor and student, and then referred to the associate dean for action.


Payment Agreement 

The registration/application form and the online registration contain this text.


Missed lessons and make-up policy

Students are charged for all lessons or classes for which they register, including those missed through student absence. As a courtesy, students are expected to notify their teachers directly of any impending absence from lessons. Some instructors offer make-up lessons under certain circumstances, but they are not obligated to do so. If a teacher is absent for a lesson, a make-up will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, or a substitute instructor may teach the lesson. Missed music theory classes can be made up by attending alternate sections of the same class with permission of the instructor.


Withdrawal and Refunds

ECMS Hatch HallAny request to withdraw from classes or lessons must be made in writing to the Eastman Community Music School office. Verbal requests will not be honored.

Early Childhood classes

Because of the popularity of the Early Childhood classes and the competition for placement, full refunds will be made only if notification of withdrawal is received at least one week prior to the start of the session.  Notification must be made in writing, preferably by email to  After that time, no refund will be made.

Private Lessons

Students who state their intention to withdraw from private lessons, classes or lessons or ensembles before the beginning of the term will receive 100% credit. For students withdrawing from private lessons, 50% refund or tuition credit will be granted when notification is received before the end of the sixth week of lessons. In extreme cases involving serious illness, death, or relocation, arrangements for credit or refund can be made at the discretion of the associate dean.

Classes or ensembles

 Students who withdraw from a class or ensemble during the first three weeks of a semester will receive 100% credit or refund for tuition. Those who withdraw from a class or ensemble during the fourth to sixth week of classes will receive 50% credit or refund. Students receive no refund if they drop after the sixth week of classes.

In extreme cases involving serious illness, death, or relocation, arrangements for credit or refund can be made at the discretion of the associate dean.


School music program participation policy

1) All students in Community Music School ensembles must remain in good standing in their school music programs concurrent to their participation in our ensembles. Being in good standing in their music programs means that they participate successfully in some aspect of their school program (provided there is a music program) while a student in an Eastman ensemble.

2) All school performances take precedent over Community Music School ensembles. We will work around the student’s school schedule and, when necessary, will rehearse and perform without members of our ensembles. One of the primary goals of Eastman Community Music School ensembles is to prepare students to achieve greater levels of musicianship. We expect that the skills and attitudes learned at Eastman will be shared with the students’ school music programs.

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Last Updated: April 5, 2016