Important Information for Fall 2016

Are you a ESM current student looking for chamber music partners? If so, please click here to go to the Eastman Chamber Music Facebook page: Chamber Music at Eastman. Request to join the group, and once approved, you can create a post about what group or instruments you are looking for.


The following information is included in this year’s Clefnotes and includes important dates for mandatory organizational meetings and Chamber Music programs.


Chamber Music Information and Course Offerings 2016-17

General Information:

  • Orientation Meeting: All brass, woodwind, string, and keyboard undergraduate and graduate students interested in registering for chamber music at Eastman this year are required to attend an orientation meeting on Wednesday, August 31, 12:30-1:30 pm in Hatch Recital Hall.
  • Auditions:

Pianists: Auditions will be on Thursday, September 1, and Friday, September 2; a sign-up sheet will be posted for those outside ESM 315. These informal auditions are for all pianists interested in playing chamber music in 2016-17, even those with groups already formed and those who have played chamber music at ESM in previous semesters. Plan to play parts of 2 contrasting solo pieces.

Strings: Your audition for large ensembles at the beginning of the year will serve as your placement audition for chamber music.

Winds and Brass: No auditions necessary

  • Chamber music hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-5:30pm.  Please plan to use this time to schedule weekly coaching or rehearsals.
  • Honors Recitals: Groups that have prepared an entire work during the semester may audition to take part in the chamber music honors recitals in Hatch Recital Hall at the conclusion of the semester.
  • One group only! In most cases, we will limit your participation to one chamber music group for credit per semester.
  • All group members must be registered for Chamber Music in order to receive coachings.
  • Music For All, the community performance component of the chamber music program, is an essential and required part of the spring semester.  More details about the how the program works will be shared at the organizational meeting and at the beginning of the spring semester.

Course Offerings:

  • Introduction to the String Quartet CHB 181/182

First year violin, viola, and cello performance majors should register for this required yearlong course taught by the Ying Quartet.  The first class session will be on Tuesday, September 6, at 12:30 pm in ESM 209.

  • Introduction to the Woodwind Quintet CHB 181/182

All freshman and transfer wind players (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn) are required to participate in this seminar and will be assigned to a woodwind quintet as space allows. There will be a short, mandatory meeting on Tuesday August 25, 3:45 pm in ESM 320.  Please contact Professor Anne Harrow at for more information.

  • Chamber Music CHB 281/282 for Brass 

All brass players who want to participate in chamber music must attend the chamber music orientation meeting on Aug. 31 mentioned above.

  • Two Piano/Four-hand Piano Seminar CHB 281/282

Open to all undergraduate and graduate piano majors (freshmen must have permission of their studio teacher). The first class will be on Monday, September 5, 12:30-2:30 pm in ESM 442. Students can register as pre-formed duos or individuals, and should plan to play a short solo selection for Prof. Freer at this first class meeting in order to be paired into duos and assigned repertoire.

  • Chamber Music 281/282 (undergraduate) and 481/482 (graduate)

Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students who want to participate in chamber music should register for this course.  Students can register as pre-formed groups or individuals. If registering as an individual, the faculty will form groups as they are able, based on the level and availability of players.  Repertoire will be suggested/assigned by faculty; student requests for repertoire are encouraged and, in most cases, honored.

  • Chamber Music Intensive is an undergraduate course only and may not be offered each semester. Enrollment is by invitation of the faculty only. The course combines coachings with seminar meetings, and is designed for chamber music groups who are seeking a deeper level experience, and who may be preparing for special performance projects or competitions
  • Graduate Chamber Music Seminar is open to graduate instrumentalists wishing to pursue an in-depth, pre-professional chamber music experience. It is especially designed for grad students with prior experience in chamber music and is open to individuals as well as pre-formed groups.

Students interested in the course will need to play an audition for Prof. Freer on Thursday, Sept. 1, from 3:30-5:30pm. There will be a sign-up for these posted outside ESM 315.

  • Baroque Chamber Music (CHB 277)

The Baroque Chamber Music Ensemble performs Baroque chamber music (trio sonatas, quartets, duets, cantatas, etc.) on modern or historical instruments. Participants will be divided into ensembles according to their own preferences as well as the requirements of the instructor to create manageable and viable groups. The class meets on Mondays, 6:35-8:25pm.

**For more details on all these courses and other information about chamber music at Eastman, please attend the orientation meeting on Aug. 31, 12:30pm in Hatch Hall.