Sacred Music Diploma


The aim of the Sacred Music Diploma is to equip students with the knowledge and skill set necessary to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing and diverse settings in which sacred music is practiced today. It gives grounding in a variety of worship traditions, both liturgical and non-liturgical. It also provides courses to develop skills for those serving churches now and in the future – while at the same time maintaining the high musical and performance standards traditionally expected of Eastman students.


Certificate Requirements

The curriculum stresses both an understanding of historical perspectives in liturgy and music, as well as practical skills that will meet changing environments. At the heart of the curriculum is a two-semester supervised internship, which includes mentoring in local church positions in the Rochester community. This mentoring consists of observation and feedback three times each semester by members of the Sacred Music Advisory Committee made up of departmental faculty in sacred music, organ, conducting, and music education.

Curriculum for the diploma program will include:
(*Required courses; total credits to equal 24 credits)

*SMU 407: Perspectives in Sacred Music 2 credits
*SMU 408: Perspectives in Sacred Music 2 credits
*SMU 471: Sacred Music Internship 1 credits
*SMU 472: Sacred Music Internship 1 credits
6 credits
Electives chosen from below to equal 18 credits:
CND 423: Choral Conducting II 2 credits
CND 424: Choral Techniques & Methods II 2 credits
KBD 201/401: Sacred Music Skills I 2 credits
KBD 202/402: Sacred Music Skills II 2 credits
KBD 203/403: Sacred Music Skills III 2 credits
KBD 204/404: Sacred Music Skills IV 2 credits
KBD 250: Jazz Improvisation for Keyboard Majors 1 credits
KBD 251: Jazz Improvisation for Keyboard Majors 1 credits
KBD 405: Graduate Organ Improvisation 1 credits
MUE 214: Elementary & Middle School Choral Methods 2 credits
TH 475: Intermediate Keyboard Skills 3 credits
TH 476: Advanced Keyboard Skills 3 credits
24 credits

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How to Apply

Applicants to the Sacred Music Program must be Eastman graduate students enrolled in degree program. Although the diploma is primarily designed for organists, students in conducting, music education, voice or piano that possess significant organ skills also may apply.

The Supplemental Application Form for the Diplomas Program is to be completed within the normal admissions process. The application process includes submitting the Supplemental Application Form, one personal statement, and an interview with the director of the program. *For students in conducting, music education, voice or piano, an organ playing audition will be arranged as well.

The diploma program is currently inactive and applications from admitted students will not be accepted until Sept. 2017.

For additional information, please contact:

Academic Affairs Office
26 Gibbs Street
Rochester, NY 14604
Main Phone 585.274.1020
Fax 585.276.2150

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