Sir Eugene Goossens

Sir Eugene GoossensDistinguished English conductor and composer Sir Eugene Goossens (1893-1962) served as the first permanent conductor of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra from 1923 until 1931. During these years, he served on the Eastman faculty, helping to start and shape its conducting, orchestra, and opera programs. Known as a master interpreter of the Romantic and Impressionist repertoire, he also composed prolifically. His compositional and interpretive skill for opera, ballet, symphonic, and chamber music took him around the world, with posts as conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Covent Garden Opera and Ballet, the Sydney (Austrailia) Symphony Orchestra, and as director of the New South Wales Conservatorium. In 1951, he published his memoirsOverture and Beginners: A Musical Autobiography, and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1955.


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