Cominsky Promenade Portraits

The Cominsky Promenade, on the second floor of the Eastman School of Music’s main building, is the home of an impressive collection of portraits of former Eastman faculty members, from the earliest years of the school to the present day. For a biography of each portrait subject, click on the link.

Samuel Adler Samuel Adler

Wayne Barlow Wayne Barlow

Cherry Beauregard Cherry Beauregard

John Beck John Beck

Warren Benson Warren Benson

Abram Boone Abram Boone

John Celentano John Celentano

David Craighead David Craighead

Catherine Crozier Catherine Crozier

Anne Cummins Anne Cummins

Jan DeGaetani Jan DeGaetani

Jose Echaniz José Echániz

Jon Engberg Jon Engberg

Roy Ernst Roy Ernst

Michael Farris Michael Farris

Adelin Fermin Adelin Fermin

Charles Fox Charles Fox

Orazio Frugoni Orazio Frugoni

Everett Gates Everett Gates

Robert Gauldin Robert Gauldin

Cecile Genhart Cecile Genhart

Harold Gleason Harold Gleason

Eugene Goossens Eugene Goossens

John Graham John Graham

Guy Harrison Guy Harrison

Stanley Hasty Stanley Hasty

Sydney Hodkinson Sydney Hodkinson

Julius Huehn Julius Huehn

Donald Hunsberger Donald Hunsberger

Jessie Kneisel Jessie Kneisel

Max Landow Max Landow

Flora Larson Flora Larson

Abram Loft Abram Loft

Anna Lokot Anna Lokot

Eileen Malone Eileen Malone

John Maloy John Maloy

Joseph Mariano Joseph Mariano

Seth McCoy Seth McCoy

Allen McHose Allen McHose

Emory Remington Emory Remington

Verne Reynolds Verne Reynolds

Cyril Roberts Cyril Roberts

Bernard Rogers Bernard Rogers

Russell Saunders Russell Saunders

Thomas Schumacher Thomas Schumacher

Donald Shetler Donald Shetler

Robert Sprenkle Robert Sprenkle

William Street William Street

Yi-Kwei Sze Yi-Kwei Sze

Catherine Tait Catherine Tait

Millard Taylor Millard Taylor

Verne Thompson Verne Thompson

Jürgen Thym Jürgen Thym

Masako Toribara Masako Toribara

Leonard Treash Leonard Treash

Francis Tursi Francis Tursi

David VanHoesen David VanHoesen

Harry Watts Harry Watts

Gretchen Wheelock Gretchen Wheelock

Paul White Paul White

Raymond Wilson Raymond Wilson

Rayburn Wright Rayburn Wright

Arkadi Yegudkin Arkadi Yegudkin

Zvi Zeitlin Zvi Zeitlin

Oscar Zimmerman Oscar Zimmerman